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Prehistoric icons


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A set of icons made for a prehistoric survival game. Contains 50 painterly sprites in 512*512 pixel resolution. You can resize the sprite images in the sprite or (contains all sprites in one for easy editing) or resize by code. Sprites are fully transparent so it is easy to add your own backplates and frames or edge effects if you want. This pack will also have updates with such things as well as any icons requested by those who are looking to buy or have bought it, so long as they are still in the prehistoric theme. An object containing descriptions for each icon has been created for you. You can edit the text in the create event to suit yourself.

Flint - A sharpish piece of rock used for cutting meat. Tinder - A piece of flammable wool-like fibre Wood - A piece of chopped tree Wood Prepared - A piece of shaved wood Wood Shavings - Perhaps used to feed a fire or act as ground surface Bark Chippings - Used to decorate the ground / fertiliser Rock - Used for throwing Rock Sling - A tool for throwing rocks hard and farther String - made from plant fibres Coal - A piece of coal Iron Ore - used for smelting Fire Torch - A piece of wood used as a torch (flame on the end) Cloth - A piece of cloth (generic cloth material) Fur - From a skinned animal Meat - from an animal (uncooked) - Generic Ham Meat - cooked - Generic Steak Eggs - From a chicken Chicken on the Bone (Drumstick) Chicken Feed - dried corn/maize Sunflower Seeds Pumpkin Seeds Sweetcorn Vegetable with some of it's leafs (semi-open) Fire wood - Mixed bundle of wood for a fire (Branches) Spit Setup - Made from strong branches, used for cooking meat over a fire Apples Icon - For showing how many apples are collected Bucket - Empty Bucket - For Water (Full of water) Berries - Foraging Chestnuts - foraging Roasted Chestnuts - Cooked Bugs - Protein or fishing bait Fishing Hook - Metallic Fishing Rod - Wooden, Basic, simplified reel mechanism (wooden) Ancient Stone Chisel - Like a modern chisel but made of sharp rock flint. Hammering Rock - A hammer made of stone (use example, make a new one) Iron Rock - An upgrade from stone to iron Spear - With metallic Point (now into a Iron age) Iron Spit - An ungraded spit that will last for decades. Sword - A basic Bronze age style sword (generic) Bow - For Bow and Arrow Arrows - Crafted Arrows for the Box, feather end, bronze tip Hunted Rabbit - an icon of a killed rabbit Fish - An icon of a generic fish (Trout / Salmon) Clay - Resource Clay bowl - Think of it as one of the first ceramic bowls made by man, hand made. Feathers - a few feathers (Resource) Red Chalk - Used for making markings / drawings or red ink White Chalk - Used for making markings / drawings Poison Arrow - Poisoned Tip (plant extract coating) Arrow - Stone head Poison Arrow - Poisoned Tip Stone head(plant extract coating)

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Age Rating: 4+


GMS2 - Version 1.0.0. Published February 1, 2020

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