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autoTile: The performance tile generator. Create entire rooms and levels with ease.

  • Easily make rooms in a matter of seconds
  • High performance, low latency
  • Choose to preload all rooms for instant transitions
  • Room transition system included
  • Legacy Support - Runs on Studio 1.4
  • Simply drag and drop to create retro platformer levels in seconds
  • No DLLs needed
  • Tutorial included


Remember the old ways of doing tiles? You would make a room, and then, if the physics or gameplay didn't match the room, you had to go back and change it. And you then had to delete the tiles on top of the moved blocks, and retile it all over again, every time you wanted to tweak the gameplay or change the room. But in autoTile, you don't have to labor like that anymore. If you want to tweak the gameplay and move a few blocks around, you don't have to retile at all! autoTile will automatically retile the whole room for you.

How long did it take to make a platformer game, using the old way? Weeks? Months? Years? Well you had to put blocks in a room, but then, you had to put in each tile by hand. And then if you wanted to change a couple blocks, you had to delete some of the old tiles and retile each tile again, by hand.

With autoTile you simply "Drop and Drag" blocks. You can make a room in just 2 minutes. This is good for game jams and good for big projects. autoTile was made with both big and small projects in mind. With autoTile your workload will be cut in half. No longer a need to waste time sitting at the computer for long hours putting in tiles. Instead, just focus your efforts on drawing high quality tilesets. autoTile will tile them for you.

functionality With autoTile there is no worry about menus or movies being incompatible with the loader. In the autoTile project there is an example of a menu, as well as movies, whether they be scripts, animations, or embedded video. So you can have in-game movies and menus work flawlessly with autoTile.

With autoTile you aren't limited to presets like in most automated editors. autoTile allows full customization and style of blocks. For instance, if you want boring, regular blocks that don't connect, you can easily do that. Or if you want all the blocks to stream into each other and connect, you can do that as well. And you can even mix and match blocks all in the same room! This is all done with our state of the art system that uses clever methods to allow you to make artistic block connections in mere seconds. autoTile, sounds almost too good to be true, but rest assured, it is real. autoTile is so good that if you wanted to create 10 rooms in the style of a classic 90's game, it would take less than 10 minutes.

easy to Learn autoTile doesn't require any special knowledge of mathematics or code. In fact, you don't need to know how to code at all. Simple instructions included with autoTile will show you how to use. It is as easy as dropping and dragging blocks in the room editor. And in fact, a sample rolling ball is included with collisions to prove that autoTile can work with physics based platformers, so you don't even need to know how to code collisions in order to see immediate results. autoTile can, of course, work with non-physics based platformers as well.

xtras and Bonuses With autoTile you get a couple bonuses that comes with the autoTile package. Like I said earlier, it features a pre-load system which automatically loads all the rooms for the game. But it also comes with some other bonuses. It comes with a Metroidvania style door system which allows you to link rooms via a door. Player momentum and position is saved, and it also features a room transition system (the old room transitions were removed in GM Studio, so I had to code a custom room transition system.) This can be all yours, free of charge. Also, all of the resources included in the game are free for you to use, including in commercial games.

legacy Support You don't need GM Studio 2 to run autoTile. In fact, it can be run with Studio 1.4!

lag and Speed You can make a 1600x1000 room full of multitextured tiles and get almost 400 fps on a low-end laptop. For comparison, the low-end laptop struggles to run even 1998 games at 30 fps, but with autoTile it gets a blazing 400 fps. autoTile has been carefully optimized to maximize the speed.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.1.2. Published June 30, 2018

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